Bulletin on Effects of Measures Optimizing Environment of Trading across Border at Shanghai Port

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Bulletin on Effects of Measures Optimizing Environment of Trading across Border at Shanghai Port

Shanghai Municipal Office For Port Services Document No.27,2018

According to Several Measures Optimizing Environment of Trading across Border at Shanghai Port,Municipal departments and agencies as well as port inspection units actively implement the measures。The related effects are as follows:

I、Promote the "parallel" operation of customs declaration and inspection declaration, customs clearance and logistics operation

1.The adjustment of the declaration systems were completed in the late-March to realize the "parallel" acceptance of customs clearance and inspection.

2、The adjustment of the Customs system was completed in mid-April to realize the dispatch of inspection and surveillance information forwarded. If the imported goods that have been unloaded to the customs supervision site, the Customs will notify the enterprise the inspection requirements rapidly after declaration is accepted.

3、From April 23, the majority of shipping companies and the shipping agents will issue EIR on checking the B/L, which facilitating the handle of EIR.

4、From April to May, we will focus on promoting a group of brokers, trading companies, freight forwarders (transport companies) to carry out “parallel operations”. Port related units and enterprises jointly formed a "48-hour Parallel process "for import containers, and arranged special contact and service to those companies.

II. Further facilitate enterprise’s declaration and document processing

5、The adjustment of Shanghai SW (webpage and client) was completed in mid-April to realize relevant port and shipping information required be pushed for declaration.

6、The adjustment of Shanghai SW was completed in mid-April to achieve the "customs clearance + logistics" tracking query application,which was expanded to SW mobile version.

7、In late March, the Municipal Commission of Commerce reduced the time limit for the examination and approval of electromechanical automatic import licenses to less than 8 hours.  From April 1, some automotive products that are subject to automatic import licensing by the Ministry of Commerce were adjusted to be issued locally.

III.Promote Port paperless logistics operations

8、In mid-March, Shanghai International Port Group has launched pilots of paperless EIR。

Welcome to contact us and participate the promotion of "parallel" operations.


Yihong Zhang (Director, Pudong Office, Municipal Office For Port Services, 18918887750)

Junsong Shang (Deputy director of Yangshan Office, Municipal Office For Port Services, 18918887767)

Daiyu Liu (Municipal Office For Port Services, 18918887763)

Attachment: Import container parallel (48 hours) operation Reference Flow

Shanghai Municipal Office For Port Services

APRIL 4, 2018


Import container "parallel" (48 hours) operation Reference Flow

1.Take the Container FCL (non-discharged) as an example, it does not include the physical inspection procedures and time for inspection and quarantine treatment. The trading company (consigner) conditional prepares the documents in advance, and submit a declaration in advance as far as possible.

2.Suppose the goods arrival at 0:00 as a start. Normal working hours from Monday to Friday is considered.

Original process -- Series process

Paralleling process (according to the original process serial number, 48 hours with the "arrival of goods to the picking up from the port area" as the interval)

Customs declaration and pay tariff


(declaration, trade& transportation handover)


(Reform measures)

①exchange for D/O

Customs declaration/pay tariff

Inspection declaration

Day 1: 9:00-11:30

1.D/O is not needed in customs declaration.

2.The SW pushes port and shipping information for declaration. Enterprises do not need to exchange for D/O.

3.Customs declaration and inspection declaration paralleled.

4. exchange for D/O and declaration paralleled.

[broker] ① exchange for D/O; ②③④customs declarations. Inform the trading company to pay tariff& duties.

(★Trade companies need to determine in advance the actual time for payment of tariff and picking up, as to conveniently inform the transportation company in advance)

②Inspection for IDEC

③Inspection declaration

Day 1: 13:30-16:00

1. The dispatch of inspection and surveillance information forwarded. For goods not inspected, apply for tariff payment and arrange logistics synchronously.

2. The shipping company issues EIR on checking the B/L.

[Broker] contact the transport company and hand over D/O.

[Trade company] ⑤ pay tariff& duties.

④Customs declaration

Day 2: 9:00-11:30

The time the trading company pays taxes postpones to the next morning. Inform the company after paying tariff immediately.

[transportation company] ⑥ Handle the EIR

【Trade Company】⑤pay tariff

⑤Pay tariff (Get Release/Check Notification)

Day 2: 13:30-16:00; 18:00-24:00

1. The business hours of the Port Service Center is up to 20:30.

2. SIGP Provide night delivery service.

[Transportation company]⑦pay port charges and reserve, hand in B/L ⑧pick up cargo

(Approved by the Customs, the D/O will be hand to the Port Service Center before picking up.

⑥Handle & receive EIR

⑦Pay & make appointment to pick-up,get the carriage certificate

⑧Pick up cargo in port